About us


Hayye Torah is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Jewish individuals and their families, by enhancing their connection to Judaism through Torah education, social, educational programs and support services.

Hayye Torah puts emphasis on teaching the youth of our generation, our future leaders. Hayye Torah has many different programs geared towards infusing a true love for learning into our youth and young professionals. Images of our past programs can be found in our gallery.

Leadership Team

Harav Eliyahu Netaneli Shlita

Spiritual Advisor

Harav Eliyahu Netaneli Shlita was born in Shiraz, Iran, his father Harav Yehushua Netaneli Zt’l was the one of the greatest Rabanim and leaders of Iranian Jewry who opened Jewish schools in the cities of Shiraz and Tehran, later moved to U.S instituted Netaneli Hebrew Academy and Netaneli Synagogue, both in the Encino,California. Harav Eliyahu Netaneli Shlita lived in Tehran for five years before He traveled to Jerusalem at the age 15 attended Yeshivat Porat Yosef in Kadmon- Jerusalem under the leadership of Harav Shimon Baadani Zt”l for ten years and later its Kollel for a few years, then Harav joined Kollel Yeshivat Ohr Hachaim in Geolah- Jerusalem under the leadership of  Harav Reuven Elbaz Shlita. After many years of Torah study Harav Eliyahu Netaneli Shlita per his father’s request moved to California helping Jewish Communities with his Vast Torah knowledge and Ahavat Yisrael.

Rabbi Yitzchak Mahtov


Rabbi Mahtov joined ישיבת נר ישראל (Yeshivat Ner Yisrael) in 1999, and studied there until 2008. After completing his studies at נר ישראל (Ner Yisrael), he joined כולל עבודת לוי (Kollel Avodas Levi of Ner Israel). Rabbi Mahtov also has a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University. In 2008 Rabbi Mahtov along with his family moved to California to work with Harav David Hekmatjah Shlita as Director of Development. Rabbi Mahtov then joined ביהכ”נ אור האמת (Ohr Haemet Institute) as Assistant Rabbi and Director under the leadership of הגה”צ ר’ אליעזר בן דוד זצקו”ל (Harav Eliezer Ben David zt’l) and ר’ דוד חכם-זדה שליט”א (Harav David Akhamzadeh Shalita).Rabbi Mahtov has and continues בעז”ה to educate our community in many different ways such as giving one on one classes, Group classes, lectures, speeches, B’derech Hatorah U’mitzvot. After close to 11 years at Ohr Haemet Institute he has joined Hayye Torah as its Director and Rabbi.